Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's not me, it's you.

Some updates before I get into the title of this post.

- I signed up for the Color Run in Baltimore in November, which is a 5K.
- I've started running but haven't done it enough.
- I am still alive after running, therefore, it didn't kill me like I thought it would.
- I alternate running and walking the entire 5K, per song. It's been working so far.
- I haven't had to take my inhaler.
- Nothing is attractive about my appearance during a run. Or after it.
- I don't run fast, and I think that's ok.
- I don't run straight, but I'll work on that.
- My new sneakers are amazing and light.
- My only goal for the 5K is to run the whole thing.
- I turn up the music so I don't hear myself panting like a dog.
- School is tough this year.
- I am on a cart instead of in a classroom.
- Every other day I have 10 classes which by the way is a LOT.
- The days in between those days aren't exactly easy.
- Some things that I was stressed about before are gone, and I feel like this year will be wonderful.
- I'm getting tested for allergy shots this Thursday.
- I've done the prick test before, about 20 years ago.
- These docs have no idea how much my arm will blow up.
- I hope my body can take to shots, bc Mac and I want a dog.
- I'm unbelievably allergic to dogs.
- This weekend I'm going home to Cherry Hill for Ashley's bridal shower.
- The shower is at her best friend's family's home in our old neighborhood.
- I love that we're having it in our old neighborhood.
- We are so lucky to have so many great memories from there.
- My whole family, the 4 Kellys will be there at the same time, which is awesome.
- I have a bajillion things to do this week to get ready for the shower.
- I honestly don't know how I'm going to fit my job onto my to-do list.

Anyways, the title of this post.

Sometimes, it's me. But not lately. Lately, it's you. It's them. Retail stores.

I wanted a new dress for Ashley's shower. I found one I loved, but my size wasn't in that particular store and was no longer available online. Red-orange, 3/4 sleeves, tunic style (maybe?) and exposed gold zipper in the back. So classy. Not tight. It was the PERFECT dress. Oh well, moving on.

I went to every blessed store in the mall. Bridget carried hundreds of dresses for me. I might be from NJ, but I don't dress like one of the real housewives from NJ. Every dress I tried on was TIGHT and SHORT. Look, I wasn't trying to squeeze myself into a size 8 either. I was picking up my normal sizes. I left feeling so defeated. Three hours in a mall and nothing to show for it. I am upset that stores want girls to dress like ladies of the night.

I thought it was me. There are few things worse than having 10 stores make you feel fat. So, on to Target the next day. Ugh, same thing. Seriously, who are the stylists? I am not 18 and I'm not 100. What do 30 somethings wear?!

Then Ashley and I talked. She was having the same problem. She was just as frustrated as I was. She felt like she was in stores that were advertising dresses which no female could fit in. If you have the body of a dude, you could wear a dress this season. If you have the body of a woman, you're in trouble.

Ashley made me feel better. It wasn't just me. Bridget vouched for me. It wasn't just me. It's them. It's you, mr. Designer, Ms. Designer. Please, I beg of you. Make a variety of dresses.

Anyways, not my best post, but I'm rushing bc I want to watch Breaking Bad.

p.s. It's worth noting I've made some disaster choices in the fashion area, but I'm working on not doing that anymore. :)